On the western shore of the Crescent Sea lies the city of Idalia, home to perhaps twenty-five thousand people. This city-state is the main point of trade between the proud Kingdom of Anuire to the north and the stern Emorian Autarchy to the south. Stretching out to the west of Idalia is a region called the Lost Lands. This area has been inhabited by a series of failed civilizations, and has now reverted to unclaimed wilderness. Moreover, under Idalia lies a vast subterranean complex filled with danger and wealth. Thus, the deep water port of Idalia is the destination of explorers, scoundrels, mercenaries and heroes alike, seeking to uncover both secrets and treasure when adventuring In Search of the Unknown.

Campaign Style Summary
The In Search of the Unknown campaign is intended as sandbox-style campaign focused on wilderness and dungeon exploration. It is meant to be amenable for players to drop in and out without disruption of an ongoing story line. There will be various NPCs with agendas and certainly villains and monsters for those who wish to be heroes, but no earth shaking threats that MUST be dealt with by an adventuring party. In short, while there will still be plots/threads for players to engage, it is also OK if you are just treasure hunters.
Keep in mind that this campaign style needs players to be somewhat proactive; this isn’t an adventure path with a clearly laid out objective. In addition, while I’ve got a fair amount of notes and such, I can’t have every details of every possible destination prepared in advance. So it is much better for players to work out the session goal and inform me in advance of play.
To carry out the goal of players being able to drop in, my general requirement is that the PCs need to be back in “civilization” by the end of the session.
The campaign will use the 5e system (House Rules link to be added). The campaign is intended to have somewhat more of a 1e vibe than 3e or 5e baseline: a few monsters may have save v. death or similar effects, there will be xp for gold and exploration (and less xp for fighting), and expect general weirdness such as cursed items, magic pools with random effects, etc. Magic item shopping is generally not possible – you can get potions from an alchemist, and a few scrolls, but it will very difficult to buy or trade high powered items.
I would expect the campaign to top out at 12th level or so, although we could shift to “politics” (e.g., PCs carve out a portion of wilderness and establish a domain, fighter has a stronghold, cleric is running a temple, etc.) by that level.

In Search of the Unknown